We sit down and chat all things health and fitness with Fitness Instructor, Amanda Kate.

Outside of working in our South Perth store, Amanda is a fierce fitness instructor [seriously, her bootcamps will leave you struggling to walk for days]. So we take five to get to know her outside of Motion Lifestyle.

Where did your passion for health & fitness come from?

I have a very active family, so my love for an active lifestyle has always been a part of my life.

My passion began with my competitive drive at school, but soon changed to the health benefits which fitness has on my body, both internally and externally, and the positive impact on my mental health.

I have always believed fitness should be something you look forward to, not a punishment.

Have you always wanted to be a Personal Trainer, or in the health and fitness industry?

Surprisingly no!

I worked as a marketing specialist for over ten years, a career I loved and excelled at, however, I decided to stop and reflect on where I was and where I wanted to be. An early mid-life crisis at 30 maybe!

I wanted to be passionate about the work I did and do, I wanted to feel rewarded in what I produce and I wanted to help educate others.

So that’s when Amanda Kate was born. I took a big leap and there was no looking back.

Tell us three things people don’t know about you?

  • I have a fear of birds! Yes I will scream if you put one near me, and yes I will cross to the other side of the road if there is a seagull on the path.
  • I'm intolerant to onion, garlic, diary, gluten and apples (to name a few). A low FODMAP diet has saved my gut (and my husband’s ears from the years of winging).
  • My husband Daniel is FIFO and has been for too many years to count, so you'll find me on weeknights cuddled up with my dog.

What does your typical day on a plate look like?

I always start my day with a large glass of warm lemon water and coffee.

Breakfast is either a banana on the go, scrambled eggs with spinach, a protein banana smoothie or an acai bowl. I honestly listen to what my body is craving and give it that.

I love my Japanese and fresh chicken salads for lunch, and salmon with sweet potato and veggies for dinner.

My sweet treat at night is frozen mango with a peppermint tea.

What does a typical day in Amanda Kate’s diary look like?

If you ask my friends to describe me they would say ‘Amanda never stops!’

My trick; I’m a planner. Every day is different as a mobile personal trainer.

Typically my alarm goes off on at 5.45am for the gym or long walk with my fur-baby, Riley.

There is nothing better, I think, than the morning fresh air to relax the mind to start the day off feeling motivated and ready for the day ahead. I also get ‘fitness FOMO’ so I like to fit in a training session before my clients start.

My days generally involve driving around to train my fabulous ladies, emails, marketing meetings, and finish off with my afternoon clients. With the hubby away my nights are either with friends, my family or cuddles with Riley.

Do you have any tips for people just starting out on their health and fitness journey, or wanting to up where they're at now?

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. There is something for everyone.

You just need to find something that motivates you and something you enjoy.

Don’t put pressure on yourself expecting instant results. Take small steps daily and enjoy the process.

Can we ask why you choose to only train females?

I wanted to stay true to my business vision. I'm passionate about female fitness both the health and fitness journey and I want to inspire, empower and educate other females to lead a stronger and healthier lifestyle, as well as feeling happier throughout their journey.

I also appreciate training with males can be uncomfortable or potentially intimidating, so during my AK Bootcamp's I like my girls to feel comfortable, safe and in an environment they can get the most effective workout.

Do you have any fitness role models or inspirations?

Ashy Bines was my first fitness inspiration and motivation to stay disciplined over the years, especially with my wedding in 2017, she provided numerous workout ideas and quick, easy and simple recipes.

I didn’t have any friends passionate about health and fitness, so I unofficially appointed Ashy as my fitness bestie!

Georgie Stevenson, Sarah Day and Emily Skye are three more fitness inspirations I follow.

I strongly believe as a fitness influencer and personal trainer you don’t need to love everything about your role models. Take from them the tips and tricks you’re passionate about and that can motivate you in the direction you desire to go.

Interested in having Amanda put you through your paces? Contact her and stay up to date on all her daily health and fitness activities, over at Amanda Kate on Instagram.


"Everyone is different; don’t waste energy on putting others down".