New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante has earned the Road Shoe of the Year 2015.

New materials, new construction techniques have led to a lighter better fitting and functionally enhanced running shoe by New Balance.  It serves as a lightweight, flexible, performance-oriented trainer that offers just enough cushioning for high-mileage training.  One run in the New Balance Zante and you will want to ditch the clunky trainers you have been running in.

Fit: A comfortably snug, low volume interior is complemented by a foot-wrapping bootie that provides incredible foot to ground proprioception and agility.

Feel:  The comfy interior enhanced by a premium footbed and lightweight materials give this shoe an energetic demeanor from the moment you lace it up.

Ride: The combination of the resilient Fresh Foam midsole and considerable toe spring design encourage a quick tempo which can ultimately inspire faster and more efficient running both in workouts and on race day.




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