These days, there's so much information and options out there on the best ways to recover, stretch or do something kind for your body. So, we thought we would go straight to the source and find out some more on Sauna's and what they're all about, with Sweat Box Sauna's.
    1. First up - let's break some misconception people have towards Sauna's. What ones do you hear a often?

      There's quite a few misconceptions with the use of infrared saunas, probably the most common being that it's a winter thing to do. Not at all. 

      People are more active in the summer months and injuries are more prevalent. The gyms are full of people getting very hot and sweaty, so no difference from the sauna! At least in the sauna, it's a calm, energising environment.

      Another one is that it's a "salon" thing for women. We actually have equal men and women using our saunas, with men actually using the yoga sauna more often.

      Also, that they are dangerous. Clearlight Saunas have almost zero EMF and ELF, they are completely safe to use!

    2. For those who aren't too familiar with Sauna's, could you give us a bit of background on what they're like these days v's the gym-sauna many would be used to.

      The saunas these days are high-tech, state of the art. Most people have only every experienced old icky steam saunas. It's a completely different feel.

      Steam saunas heat the air around you, whilst infrared saunas heat your body directly. It's a comfortable dry heat. The saunas have 360 degree surround heat, bluetooth, chromotherapy lighting and even have iPhone cradles and USB ports. As the saunas heat to 70degrees, they are virtually self cleaning, unlike some steam saunas where bacteria can harvest in the moist environment.

    3. What inspired the opening of Sweatbox?

      The idea was pitched to me by someone else who I was going to go into business with. It was a gym environment but instinct told me it was best to go it alone and after testing the few infrared saunas dotted around Perth, I realised that there wasn't a dedicated space to come and enjoy 45 minutes of solitude which was private.

      Sweatbox was born!

    4. If I was new to Sauna's, where's a good place to start?

      First, understand that it's not like steam or bikram.  It's a much more intense heat and you will sweat. Don't keep looking at the clock.  Learn to keep your back to it and enjoy the experience.  Play a podcast or music, or take the time to learn to meditate.  It's like doing a HIIT session for the first time, hard work but you know it's good for you!

    5. Tell us a little more about the many light options Sweatbox offers and how these differ. How do I choose red v's blue lighting?

      Chromotherapy or Colour Therapy has been around for thousands of years.  Think of how you often feel down when the weather is gloomy and the minute the sun comes out and touches your skin, you can feel a difference in your mood. That's a basic description of chromotherapy!  Each colour correlates to a different part of your body. 

      Green is relaxing and has anit-inflammatory properties, blue is calming, red is for energy.  Maybe you had a big weekend? Pick yellow as it stimulates the immune system and cleanses the liver. People pick a colour depending on their mood or ailment.

    6. Do these lights have the same impact on my skin, as the sun?

      The saunas use the same wavelength as the sun. You feel like you are sunbaking, but there is zero UV's so you come away feeling you've just spent a few hours at the beach!

    7. What are some of your favourite health benefits from incorporating sauna's into a routine.

      For me, it's two. My skin and it's a massive destresser.  Whilst people come in for one thing, they end up with added benefits they didn't even know about! Muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory, increased metabolism as well as building their immune system, just to name a few. 

    8. What about some health benefits many wouldn't expect to come from sauna's?

      Saunas are used in Europe and America for depression, alcohol and drug addiction as well as therapy for chemotherapy patients.

      We're a little behind the times in Australia, but awareness is growing. We have three clients who are using the saunas in conjunction with their chemo treatment with great success. The cancer cells are weakened by the intense heat which in turn makes chemo treatment more bearable as the cancer cells are more susceptible to the drugs.  We also have two clients who come in to sweat out mould toxins. They were both referred to come to Sweatbox by their doctors, which means infrared sauna use is being noticed by the medical profession. Finally!

    9. What does Sweatbox have in the works for the near future, any updates you can share with us?

      Sweatbox is opening up in two new locations. One is in the works right now, with the other location a little further down the track.  We also have something exciting happening in the space downstairs very soon!  Stay tuned!

    10. Summer or Winter?


We absolutely love the Sweat Box Sauna's and if you weren't already sold by the incredible minds behind this new way of self-healing, Rehabilitation and Restoration, then they have a Winter Special on at the moment - so make sure you go check them out and get yourselves booked in ASAP.

We might even see you there!