Lacoste Shoes available at Motion

Lacoste was founded in 1933 and takes its name from Rene Lacoste, the world renowned tennis player and sports enthusiast.  Lacoste mens and women's fashion sneakers are in demand all over the world for their quality and understated style. 


Each design reflects the brand's DNA—classic, understated quality and luxury with a sophisticated blend of sports and fashion. These characteristics combine to create a unique style that distinguishes Lacoste footwear from other lifestyle brands. 

Quality—Lacoste uses high-quality materials combined with exceptional standards of manufacturing supported by a quality control team. 

Affordable Luxury—Lacoste provides high-quality footwear with all the confidence a prestigious brand can provide, but at an affordable price. 

Simple—Most of their products have a clean simplicity to them, providing fashionable, modern, understated styling. 

Comfort—All of Lacoste's products go through extensive fit and wear trials to ensure their comfort. 

Detail—Lacoste likes their shoes to be distinctive and easily identifiable. Fine details are very important to them, from the colour of the stitching to the shoe lining.


The American press nicknamed René Lacoste the "Crocodile" after he made a bet with the Captain of the French Davis Cup team. He had promised René a crocodile-skin suitcase if he won a match that was important to the team. The American public stuck with this nickname that highlighted René's tenacity on the tennis court. A friend of René's, Robert George, drew a crocodile that was embroidered on the blazer that he wore on the court from then on. 

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