Debate between Nike Free and Nike Zoom Fit Agility

Nike has introduced a range of training-specific shoes.  Experts are saying that training in barely-there footwear offers real benefits for strength athletes. 

The well known Zoom Fit Agility and Free 5.0 TR are categorised under the same fitness shoe category - Training Shoe.  They are suitable for various types of training whether it's strength training on machines, training with free weights or cardio workouts like dance or aerobics.

The biggest difference between the two shoes, the cushioning in the sole.  The Nike Free TR has a thin, light sole that give the "barefoot" feeling.  In contrast the Nike Zoom Fit Agility which its special elastic Zoom air pockets on the sole has insanely good cushioning.  

If you are susceptible to pain in the hip, knee, feet or angle then the Nike Zoom Fit Agility is for you.  This shoe protects your joints with its incredible cushioning.  If you are more into cardio equipment like the cross trainer, treadmill or the bike and focus on muscle strengthening then the Nike Free TR is the perfect fitness shoe - you can manage and control your body weight with your movements.

Pictured above the Nike Zoom Fit Agility.

Pictured above the Nike Free 5.0 TR


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