With the seasons changing and the days getting longer here in Australia, we thought it was perfect timing to chat all things tan with Aussie Bombshell. 

An Australian made brand with a focus on quality over anything else, Aussie Bombshell delivers those summer-tan-feels so you can look after your skin and be bronzed at the same time. 

Read on below to see what Aussie Bombshell is all about and their tips on tanning [because over here at Motion, we certainly welcome all tanning tips!]

Tell us a little about Aussie Bombshell; how did it all start and what continues to drive the brand and people behind it.
I [Penni Towner] started Aussie Bombshell 10 years again when I saw a gap in the market for tanning products that weren’t dark enough and didn’t have that all-too-familiar tanning smell.

Initially, I set about creating a retail line, but during the sampling phase the product came back as a liquid which was too messy to apply, so I changed my business model and ended up creating a spray tan first. 

Over the years, I grew a very loyal following of spray tan clients, who continuously asked if there was “something they could take away” to extend their holiday glow.
Fast forward to 2018, and the Gradual Tan was launched into the market and we haven’t looked back.

For me, the main thing that continues to drive the brand is the love we get from our customers. We know we are doing something right and want to continue growing the product line to meet our customers needs and exceed their expectations!

What makes Aussie Bombshell different to the other tanning options out there?

We want to make tanning as easy as possible for our customers and get the best tan in the shortest amount of time, without encroaching too much on your daily lives. 

When you apply our Gradual Tan, you can put your clothes on straight away and don’t have to worry about showering until you are ready.

Theres no colour transfer onto clothes, no smell AND the tan is much darker that most people anticipate after one use. We’ve also incorporated new technology into the emulsifying process which allows the tan to last longer on the skin.

Personally, I get two weeks from one application of the Gradual Tan and many f our loyal, happy customers say the same.

Is Aussie Bombshell safe to use allover - like the face? 
Yes, Aussie Bombshell is safe to use on both face and body, but I would recommended only using a tiny bit and mixing it with your own moisturiser for application to face.

What are your secret tanning tips to achieving the most out of Aussie Bombshell?
Exfoliate. Moisturise. Hydrate.

Skin preparation and after care and internal hydration are the things that will assist with prolonging your tan and help with even fade.

Get into the habit of moisturising every time you get out of the shower. Any moisturiser will do - just do it!

What's you favourite time of the year to tan?
All year round (haha)!  BUT when you’re feeling drab in the middle of winter, a little tan on your face is the perfect pick-me-up!

Is there such a thing as a fake tan that uses natural ingredients?
I’m always really clear to customers that there are no regulations in the beauty industry and “natural" is a very loose term that marketing departments love. 

You can have two products - one with 4% natural ingredients and the other with 87% natural ingredients, and they can both sell themselves as natural.

The use of the word “organic” should also be approached with caution. You can have individual ingredients that are “certified organic” but I would suggest reading the fine print as something that is 100% organic will also come with a hefty price tag to match the research and development that has been done at manufacturing stage. 

As a manufacturer, all I ask is for the customer to have a greater awareness of what they are putting on their skin. It is our largest organ after all, so we need to treat it with kindness and care!

Aussie Bombshell has been formulated to be as kind to the skin (by omitting the nasties such as fragrance and unnecessary fillers) as possible and our DHA active ingredient is certified organic. That I know for sure.


If you had to choose, winter or summer?

Make sure you checkout and support Aussie Bombshell over on their Instagram. Warning: their account with give you year-round-summer-feels!

Ready for the Aussie Bombshell tan? You can shop their Self Tanning Creams online or in-store with us.