We here at Motion Lifestyle, have a strong focus on supporting sustainable and ethical brands, as well as doing our part within the industry and the environment. 

While we work away on making ourselves more sustainable, we also like to support those within our industry making a change for the people producing the clothing and the environment.

Below are our currently stocked brands who have this same focus and who are doing their part. Find out a little more about them and how you contribute when you choose to support these brands. 


Cloth & Co. is a contemporary lifestyle brand, founded with a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the people who make our products with a focus on empowering women.

They believe that one of the greatest impacts they can have as a brand, is to ensure we can wear their pieces for years not weeks. They do this by sourcing the highest quality materials that are 100% natural, with their cotton being sourced from organic and regenerative farms and all of their pieces being biodegradable so that in the end, it can be recycled, repurposed or decomposed.

One of Cloth & Co's greatest loves is working at grass roots level with women’s cooperatives and seeing those women thrive. 

Using organically grown cotton, Cloth & Co ensure that their farmers work with, rather than against, nature as the guiding principle. Organic farmers use biologically based rather than chemically dependent growing systems to raise crops. While many conventional farmers are reacting to the ecological disorder created by monocultures, organic farmers focus on preventing problems before they occur.  



The team at Dharma Bums work hard searching for materials and fabrics which tick both the ethical and sustainable boxes. 

They know that their business activity uses energy and resources from the environment so are forever working on reducing their footprint. 

Already using recycled nylon, organic cottons and sustainable bamboos they are now looking towards other biodegradable materials to reduce their footprint even further.

The Dharma Bums brand also focuses on ethical production. From the beginning where they built strong relationships with Australian factories, to the Chinese factories they are equally building strong relationships with. With BSCI accreditation, they ensure all factories are audited twice a year and continue to adhere to their strong values they set in place from day one. 

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At Elka Collective, their focus is on contributing to the transparency and ethical standards within the fashion supply chain. In doing so they take a realistic approach that focuses on growing changes and have committed to continuously developing their transparency from suppliers through to customers.

Participating in the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report yearly, Elka Collective adhere and take actions to achieve this, with a current C Grade for 2019. 


First Base don't shy away from their environmental values and work hard to consistently reduce their impact, with the hope to one day, eliminate all environmental costs.

Their basics are made from 100% certified organic cotton. It is grown in Indore, India and exported in its’ raw form to China where it is then spun into yarn. Here it's then inspected and assessed according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) & certified by the Control Union Certifications.  

They also produce a selection of high-performance activewear in 78% recycled nylon. Econyl is an innovative fibre made from products containing nylon that have reached the end of their days. Things like old fishing nets, wetsuits and industrial plastics are rescued from ocean beds and recycled into a durable yarn. 

Finally, First Base also use Bamboo. Not only is it breathable, thermo regulating and a natural UV protectant, it is completely biodegradable and antibacterial. Bamboo is a super hardy material which does no need pesticides or herbicides to grow well. It is also one of the fastest growing plants and once harvested, it can replenish itself within a year. 


Jac + Mooki strive to produce garments in an ethical, environmental and socially responsible manner. They do this by working with accredited manufacturers around the world who are dedicated to employing safe, lawful, humane and ethical practises throughout their supply chains.

Their products are made from 100% Organic Cotton, with their production houses having high level global accreditations. 


Nimble's signature fabrics, COMPRESSLITE and MOVELITE are made from post-consumer used recycled plastic bottles.  

With their fabrics knitted in Taiwan, the manufacturing then happens less than 80km away – this helps to reduce wastage, packaging and transport.

So chances are, if you own a piece of Nimble Activewear, you may be, at any given time, wearing fabrics spun from at least two plastic bottles.

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In 2019, P.E Nation started to move to a more sustainable business through the use of sustainably and recycled fabrics. 

Materials such as Vita Power by Carvico, a type of fabric pioneered in Italy made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon which boasts a 4-step closed loop regeneration process, as well as 100% organic Cotton, is now being used throughout the production of their leggings, shorts, tanks and crops.

In addition, their packaging is all compostable and made from recycled materials.


In 2004, the Founders of VEJA purchased 195 tons of wild rubber which allowed them to preserve 120,000 hectares of the Amazon forest.

This material is used in the sole of every sneaker, with 18-22% of the each shoes sole being comprised of this rubber. They buy rubber in the Amazon forest, directly from seringueiro communities. 

The Amazon is the only place on Earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. In the Brazilian state of Acre, the seringueiros live, who depend on it for survival. Every morning, they make their way through the forest which they have the authorisation to harvest and tap the rubber trees following a path only they know about. This circuit allows the trees to regenerate. Today, 120 member families are supported and a part of VEJA's project.

The rubber and protection of these Amazon trees are what set VEJA apart from anyone else. 

They also offer full transparency throughout everything they do, including the leather they use. They track their leather to make sure it doesn't come from the Amazon nor from an area that was deforested for cattle farming purposes. They also work very closely with their certified tanning teams to ensure no toxins are formed through this tanning process. 

VEJA also focus on the up-cycling of materials like discarded fish leather from existing fish farms, and are always ensuring that their factories continue to run at a high social standard than other companies do.

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