Es Fit Resistance Strength Band - Light

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Why you need me

Try our durable fabric resistance bands that are great for targeting areas such as your thighs, glutes, and shoulders. You can integrate any fabric stretch band seamlessly with every popular workout program.

 Need just one fabric resistance band to top up your current set up? Select from either Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy or Extra Heavy fabric resistance bands. These are sold individually and come with their own carry bag!

Sick of your resistance bands rolling during your session? These are non-roll and non-digging! Check out our IG for workout Inspo, or ideas on how to use these fabric resistance bands.

 All Fabric Resistance Bands Shipped From Australia​. 

Note: these Resistance Bands are not latex free. 

Product Details

- Durable Cotton

- Anti-rolling thick material

- Manufactured from the strongest materials on the market

- Available in 5 resistances to suit any workout type

- Comes with a conveniently sized carry bag